Forex (Forex, FX) was created by shortening the English FOReign EXchange words. Generally, the forex market is the foreign exchange market where the currencies of the countries are exchanged. In this system, which is based on buying and selling currencies of different countries, the main purpose is to carry out transactions on whether currencies appreciate or lose value against each other. In other words, there is no need to have the currencies of these countries to make transactions, transactions are carried out directly at prices. However, the products traded are not limited to only foreign currencies. Besides trading foreign currencies in the Forex market, you can also trade commodities such as gold, silver, oil and futures contracts defined as CFDs.

Forex advantage

Lever; to turn its trading volume into a profitable market, bidirectional operation; (income from the market both rising and falling) 5/24 open; (having the ability to open and close transactions whenever you want) forex market offers important advantages to investors. Forex market has many advantages for individual and institutional investors who want to increase their income and / or want to manage risk: Fast Withdrawals and Investment Transactions; You can easily make money transfers throughout 5/24. Lower costs; The advantage of trading at affordable price ranges at the market prices Wide product range; Ability to trade on Minors, Major, Try, CFD and Indices Accessibility; Ability to open and close 5/24 transactions High Liquidity; Liquidity can be defined as the ease of turning a market or instrument into cash.

Basic Concepts in Forex

Leverage: The leverage system reveals the possibility of a small collateral to generate high returns. Profit or loss on the floors of your guarantee is reflected directly in your main balance. Spread : The difference between the buying price of a pair and the selling price is called spread. The difference between buying and selling prices is also called scissors. Pip : Pip is the smallest price range that a pair can move. Each point increase in prices is called a pip. Margin : Margin (collateral) is the minimum amount that your investment institution requests to deposit in your account to start trading in the markets. Lot : LOT is used as a trading unit in Forex markets. While 1 lot of transactions for parities is 100,000 units (valued in First Currency), 1 lot of transactions for gold is defined as 100 ounces. Swap : Swap in Forex terminology; It refers to the cost / income amount applied to the open positions of the investor at the end of a day. the quotation: It is the instant price that a security, currently priced on the market, reconciles buyers and sellers. Liquidity: Liquidity can be defined as the ease of turning a market or instrument into cash.

Forex Advantages

If you wish, you can practice using virtual money in our trial account, using our platform equipped with all real-time data and all features. You have many currency options. It is possible not only to use the most widely used parities, but also to trade with different currency pairs for the exotic currency. There is no fee or commission expense. All Star only earns the difference in exchange rates between buying and selling prices. Customers can trade using up to 100 leverage: Leverage use has the same risk of profit and loss. You can perform high speed transactions with single or double click according to your preference. You can use various orders such as cutting losses, making profits, pending transactions, stop tracking the loss. Easy to use, professional graphics are always updated. You can open many graphs and integrate analysis methods in different worksheets. Technical analysis: Numerous technical indicators are integrated into the trading platform to help you make decisions. Updated Economic calendar and analysis: Follow the economic news, find out when they occurred and what they mean, and see the developments closely using All Star daily reviews and analysis. 24-hour service: We are here for you. Our team is at your service 24 hours a day for any questions, complaints and suggestions. * The information contained here may not be valid for all account types. Spreads, commissions and other transaction fees may vary depending on the contract you have with the tool and some account types. For more information, please contact your Customer Representative.

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